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Intuitive transceiver for faster and easier search.

A digital three-antenna device reduced to the essential functions.

The Barryvox® scores well on simple navigation and clear instructions. With a large receiving bandwidth and an effective search strip width of 70 meters, it offers users a simple interface and intuitive operation. From an easy-to-read display to buttons that can be operated even wearing gloves, shock-proof and break-proof housing and a revolutionarily simple visual interface, the Barryvox® shows that powerful performance and sophisticated search guidance do not need to be complicated.

Powerful and sophisticated search guidance in the most demanding circumstances is easier than ever with the revolutionary Barryvox® avalanche transceiver.

Powerful search performance can save lives in the backcountry, which is why we insist on serious power from our transceivers. A larger range means that buried transmitters are detected faster, search paths over the avalanche are shorter and rescue times are reduced. With an effective search strip width of 70 meters, the Barryvox® is one of the most powerful transceivers on the market.

Because there’s no time to check the manual when every second counts, Barryvox® devices are specifically designed to be easy to use under extreme stress.

From an easy-to-read display, to a button that can be operated while wearing gloves, shock-proof and break-proof housing, and intuitive acoustic search guidance the Barryvox® shows that powerful performance doesn’t need to be complicated.  

 The 2.0-inch display guides you quickly and reliably through each stage of the search with intuitive distance and direction signals.

Find your target faster. Search easily and quickly with the tried and tested performance of the Barryvox®.

Designed with ultimate simplicity in mind, the Barryvox® gives you the tools to provide help reliably and quickly in an emergency. The revolutionary search power of the Barryvox® devices means you can move quickly and efficiently during a search simply by following the arrow guidance on screen.

Weight including batteries: 210 grams
  • Height: 27 mm
  • W-Link frequency: 869.8 MHz (North America inc AU/NZ)
  • Width: 67 mm
  • Length: 115 mm
  • Battery life: Alkaline: around 300 hours SEND
  • Batteries included: Yes
  • Sending frequency: 457 kHz
  • Digital search strip width: 70 m
  • Buried subject marking: mark
  • EN standards: EN 300718
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty; additional 3-year Mammut guarantee if registered year
  • Battery type: Alkaline 3 x AAA 1.5 volt
  • Made in Switzerland: 100% Made in Switzerland, produced and developed in Switzerland
  • Effective digital search strip width: 70 meters
  • Digital receiving range: 70 meters
  • Circular receiving field: almost identical receiving range for X and Y antennas
  • Display: display with background lighting, very easy to read even when wearing polarized glasses
  • Acoustic search guidance: allows the rescuer to visually search the avalanche field
  • Reverse direction function to avoid 180-degree search errors
  • Group test with clear instructions
  • Visual interface: shows distance, direction and number of buried subjects
  • Design: ergonomic, impact-proof and break-proof. Can be operated while wearing gloves
  • Device tests: automatic self-test and function test
  • Multiple buried subjects: digital signal processing in the event of several buried subjects
  • Automatic switching from send to search (Auto Revert): if a rescuer does not move for 4 minutes, we assume a secondary avalanche and the device switches to SEND mode (motion-sensor controlled)
  • Attachment: includes highly functional Barryvox carrying system
  • W-Link: Additional communication channel for improved search performance
  • Manage the device fleet via W-Link
  • updatable software
  • Operating temperature: -25° to +45° Celsius (-13° to +113° Fahrenheit)

1. What is the purpose of the additional communication channel called W-Link in the Barryvox avalanche transceiver?

The additional communication channel, W-Link, in the Barryvox avalanche transceiver serves the purpose of enabling quick and reliable recognition of other avalanche transceivers that also transmit W-Link information during a search.


2. What is the difference between the US and the EU versions?

Varying regulations in different countries prevent the use of a single international frequency for this purpose. For this reason, we offer two different preconfigured versions of the devices. One for the European region (EU version) and the other for North America and Oceania (US version).


The only difference between the two versions is the preconfigured W-Link frequency. This does not affect the standard signal of the avalanche transceiver, and the devices are 100% compatible with other avalanche transceivers and which each other.


3. How can I change the W-Link frequency of a Barryvox® S or Barryvox®?

Please note that the user settings in the Barryvox S only allow switching between the assigned region and OFF in order to travel legally in another region. The settings on the Barryvox are fixed and any change must be performed at a Service Center.


4. What are the different W-Link regions and their corresponding colors in the Barryvox device?

  • W-Link region A: Europe and neighboring countries, represented by the color light gray.
  • W-Link region B: US, Canadian, New Zealand, and Australian version, represented by the color dark gray.
  • Countries without W-Link: represented by the color black.
  • Countries with an unknown regional division: represented by the color white.

5. Can the user change the frequency band in the Barryvox device?

No, the frequency provisions of the Barryvox device do not allow the user to change the frequency band. To take his or her Barryvox on a trip to a different region, the user can switch the W-Link off and then switch it back on again on returning home.


6. Does the W-Link region affect the signal used in the search for buried subjects in the Barryvox device?

No, the W-Link region has no effect on the signal used in the search for buried subjects. Searches are still possible between devices from all regions.


7. What happens if the W-Link is switched off in the Barryvox device?

If the W-Link is switched off in the Barryvox device, it will not be possible to transmit or receive vital data.

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Neil S.
New Zealand

Great beacon

Really easy to use. Don't like the uncomfortable holster. I keep it in my zip pocket.

Jason S.
Australia Australia

Barryvox beacons

We have been using this beacon when ever we r off piste in Japan atm , it’s a great item and my 13&14 yr old are comfortable wearing the harness under their mid layer , I personally got back to the lodge a few days ago and after reminding my groms to turn there’s off , a second party got home and was displaying the use of their beacon to another person , beacon was of a different brand and apparently there was a strong signal upstairs , guilty straight up and beacon was turned off and search party cancelled, beers were on me , simple and easy to use , plenty of utube vids for educational use for use


Oz Backcountry

Good to hear you had a great trip mate! Thanks for sharing the stories :)

Andrew G.
Australia Australia

Avi Beacon

Awesome customer service - received our beacons within 2 days prior to christmas


Oz Backcountry

Sweet! Good to hear Andrew :D

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